Newborn Photo Session


The Artful Baby Newborn Portrait

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart”
– Winnie-the-Pooh

Newborns are precious miracles. They change our world in a way we never expect. Those little fingers and tiny toes – we can sit and marvel at them for hours on end. As a newborn photographer, Janette loves to photograph newborns because they know how short-lived this time is.  Before you know it, two months have passed and your little wonder has already changed and grown into what seems a new person.

During a newborn photography session Janette will capture the sweetness of your new baby. His or her tiny hands, pouting lips, and chubby rolls.  Memories will be preserved forever for you in classic fine art black and white newborn photographs as well as gorgeous color newborn photographs.

When is the best time to schedule a Newborn Photography Session?

The best time to schedule a newborn photography session is while you are pregnant.  Newborn photographs are best taken when your newborn is between 5 -12 days old. This is when they are most malleable and at their sleepiest and before any baby acne has set in.

You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy to schedule your newborn photography session and we will make a tentative booking around your estimated due date. After your baby is born we firm up the day and time for your baby’s newborn photography session.

Where are the Newborn Photographs taken?

Newborn portraits are usually taken in the comfort of your home. Janette is available for newborn photography shoots in NYC, Westchester NY, Connecticut and the Hudson Valley. Our portable studio including lights, props, and backdrops are able to travel anywhere.

The newborn photography session can also be shot in Janette’s Hudson Valley studio.

Please note – If Janette is shooting in your home a quiet home with no distractions is needed. The last half hour of shooting your newborn can be with their sibling but please arrange to have a friend or family member look after them for the majority of the shoot.

What happens during a Newborn Photography session?

During a newborn photography session a lot of what happens is patience as Janette works to make your newborn happy, and ready for his first professional photo session.  Newborn’s require a lot of care and spend most of their time sleeping or eating.  Intimate documentary photos can be taken of the baby as he/she feeds if you wish.  When the baby is content, Janette will begin the creative newborn photography session. A time limit is not placed on a newborn photography session and many will last as long as four hours.

Whether in our studio or at your home, backdrops and props are used to capture a variety of images.  Janette loves classic looks for newborn photographs but she is also renowned for her creativity and the thought that is put into creating new looks  to create beautiful newborn portraits of art that you and your family will marvel at for a lifetime.

After the Newborn Photography Session

As with all Janette’s photographic sessions after the newborn photo session comes the post production.  From the many photographs taken the images are edited to the best 30-40 images.  These images are then individually retouched to create beautiful one-of-a-kind newborn photos you will cherish forever.  All these images are then loaded onto a private password protected gallery for you and your friends to review and choose your prints or collections from.  Janette strives to make you want all of them!