Creating a FIne Art Image

What is a fine art image?  To some extent this is unanswerable.  But I found a fairly accurate description from the Professional Photographers of Canada:

“Fine art images may consist of unusual images, individual images or a series of images. The range of styles and treatments varies greatly, from the classic black and white scenes to more non-conventional images. In fact, conventional beauty, formal design and familiar subjects are often not components of fine art images and can include painterly effects, soft-focus, journalistic, snapshot type images, bizarre and erotic images and other unconventional approaches.”

I think most photographic fine art images have something to say beyond just straight representation however even this is not entirely true.  Dorothea Lange created both documentary and fine art images when she captured America in the depression.  But her images capture a beautiful tenderness of the broken human heart.  And it is this to me, that created the fine art.

Most fine art images these days are representational rather than journalistic.  They are haunted images, soft focus, bizarre compilations.  All have thought behind them even when you can’t quite figure them out.  A little like poetry you could say.

All fine art starts out as a simple picture.  Some stay that way but others are manipulated and this is where the ART truly comes in.  Art is subjective.  What you like someone else will not.  You have to go by your own heart and soul and create from there.  Art can not be created from anything else.  I love creating.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Here I show you four versions of the same photograph morphing slowly from the original to something quite new.  You be the judge and let me know which you like best and why.JAIME0314X_FIN low resJAIME0314bwX_FIN low res Mirror image Jaime low res Mirror image Jaime_blur sepia low res



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