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“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”
– Lewis Carroll

The WHIMSY SESSION is about photographic Storytelling. There is an ethereal beauty in the imagination of a child, a limitless, where nothing is impossible and all is pure and simple and good. And yet this special time when a stick is not a stick but a sword to fight the ferocious dragon (usually the cat purring on the chair) and a threadbare rug is a dazzling magic carpet flying to worlds unknown and bubbles are so much more than soap and water, is far too fleeting. Together we will work to capture the essence of this time forever. During our whimsy session we will create an image of your child at the height of his childhood and imagination that not only will you cherish forever but that he/she will look back on and remember a time filled with every possibility in the world. And hopefully know it is still so. A piece of art work to be hung in a museum that will sit in your home instead.