Childhood Photo Session


The Artful Baby offers three distinctive styles of child photography,  promising you and your child a memorable day you will cherish forever.


“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”
– Lewis Carroll

The WHIMSY SESSION child photography session is about child photographic Storytelling. There is an ethereal beauty in the imagination of a child, a limitless, where nothing is impossible and all is pure and simple and good. And yet this special time when a stick is not a stick but a sword to fight the ferocious dragon (usually the cat purring on the chair), and a threadbare rug is a dazzling magic carpet flying to worlds unknown, and bubbles are so much more than soap and water, is far too fleeting. As a child photographer, Janette loves to use her imagination and work to capture the essence of this time forever. During a child photography whimsy session Janette will create an image of your child at the height of his/her childhood and imagination that not only will you cherish forever but that he/she will look back on to remember a time filled with every possibility in the world. And hopefully know it is still so. A whimsy child photography session delivers a piece of fine art to be hung in a museum that will sit in your home instead.




“Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU”
– Dr. Suess

During a child photography WIGGLE SESSION Janette photographs moments in true time. The wiggle moments of childhood. As child photographer Janette’s goal is to capture the genuine smiles and focus on the emotions that will create a one-of-a-kind child photographic image. The laughter, joy, tears, love and life… The little hand in your palm that won’t remain small for very long. The hug that means the world to you. The smile that makes your world bright. Even the pout and the tears. It is all precious. This is the spontaneous magic that is unique to you and your child. Every moment is one to remember. And with a wiggle child  photography session and/or family photography session it is captured timelessly in child portraits.



“Listen to the mustn’ts child.  Listen to the don’ts.  Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossible, the won’ts.  Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me…Anything can happen, child.  Anything can be.”
– Shel Silverstein

Janette’s WONDER collection of child photographs merges the other two childhood photography collections. Here we take a photograph from either session. It can be a simple child portrait or a moment-in-time image or one of the childhood whimsy images. Janette captures it, and then transports it through the ageless wonder of monochrome to create an extraordinary fine art photograph of your child to wonder and marvel over. And treasure forever.

WEB_girls purple flowers_SEPIA



How do the Child Photography sessions work?

An Artful Baby child photography session can encompass one of the three different styles or all three depending on whether you are looking for an imaginative whimsy child portrait or a moment-in-time child portrait or a classic black and white child portrait.

Janette starts your child photography session long before the actual date of the photography shoot.  Janette will organize a pre-consultation with you by phone or in person to find out what you are looking for and to find out more about the personality of your child.  If you are looking for a whimsy child photography shoot together we explore what it is your child loves, what fantasy story book we can bring to life.  Does your little girl love butterflies?  We can make a butterfly tree in an enchanting forest from which she is the residing fairy. Does your son love horses?  We can bring cowboy hats and stirrups and make him a rodeo king for a day riding off into the sunset. Together Janette will explore and create with you for a magical experience.  And when the sunset dims and the butterflies fall asleep, it is the time to capture those real moments, the wiggle moments that can be as much about quiet warm moments as wiggles and giggles.  Or if you are looking for a more classic look Janette will use lights and backdrops and create a classic child portrait for you and your family.

After the child photography shoot, Janette begins her post-production work.  This takes longer than the photography shoot itself.  The photos will be edited from the many taken during your child photo session to 30-40 of the best.  All these images are then individually retouched and loaded onto a private proofing gallery for you and your friends and family to view.  After 10 days Janette will discuss what photos you would like to print.

Where will the Child Photography session take place?

Child photography sessions are tailored to your needs.

Janette realizes how hectic life is for many families these days and are happy to travel to your home to capture your child’s portrait.  They also realize a child is often more comfortable in his own home.  Janette loves to capture child portraits outside and specialize in unique child portraits shot in nature.  However weather does not always permit this, and Janette is also a creative specialist able to create a story book environment inside your home.  Wiggle sessions are wonderful in your own home as this is where a child is most relaxed and his/her personality shines. Janette is available for travel to NYC, Westchester NY, CT and the Hudson Valley.  Please feel free to inquire about child photography shoots outside of this area.

Your child photography session can also be held in Janette’s studio located in the Hudson Valley.  Janette’s studio is located in some of the most majestic countryside surrounded by horses and cows and fields of flowers.  She takes full advantage of this private setting to create some of her most dynamic photographs.

Either way, whether at her studio or your home, working with children and families to create beautiful child and family photography is always a pleasure.