A little bit of Fun!

A lot of women are put off having photos of themselves whether pregnant or not because they have been disappointed in the past by photos or they feel self-conscious.  I try to make EVERY photo shoot fun and our ultimate goal is to make our ladies look as GORGEOUS as we see them through our view finder.  A recent photo shoot booked was made possible more by “dad-to-be” who really wanted a pregnant photo of his wife Monique (and I don’t blame him). Monique reluctantly agreed at the last moment and we fit the shoot in and are we glad we did!  We had so much FUN and I think everyone will agree Monique is stunning!Pregnancy Portrait Monique0104 copy monique0324 copy monique0342sepia copy monique0369 copy monique0401bw copy monique0800bw copy monique0834 copy monique0899sepia copy monique0925 copy

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